First time hearing the term “Functional Medicine?” here’s a quick rundown

Functional Medicine treatment investigates the multiple facets of a patient’s health profile. It identifies problems and puts together an integral, evidence-based, plan that targets symptoms as well as their underlying causes.

The goal of Functional Medicine treatment is to identify the best set of interventions needed to improve your health. These interventions include personalised nutrition plans, supplements and botanicals, stress management, detoxification and lifestyle changes, among other approaches.

Because of this, we believe that optimal health is not only possible, it is within our grasp.

Why use Functional Medicine?

At the heart of the mainstream healthcare problem, is the complex nature of chronic diseases, which cannot be treated and cured with a single drug or treatment.

Instead, chronic diseases are like the tip of the iceberg: we only see the symptoms of the conditions but, lurking in the depths of our body, is a large repertoire of problems that cause and maintain these diseases.

The complexity of chronic diseases makes them a difficult challenge for medical approaches following standard treatment protocols. Hence, there is an urgent need to find a better way to approach these diseases.

Are you already “informed” when it comes to  Functional Medicine?


Our Approach

The central principle behind our Functional Medicine treatment approach is simple: each patient is different and has a unique set of underlying problems that require a personalised treatment. When you come to us for help, we listen and we treat your problem. Then, we go a few steps further…

Discuss & analyse symptoms

First, we listen to your concerns and create a list of your symptoms. Based on this list, we research and identify possible conditions that may be influencing your ailments. These could include certain nutritional, hormonal or some other type of deficiencies, genetic alterations or gut dysbiosis – where there is an imbalance in your gut microbiome.

Lifestyle Considerations & Changes

We also consider your lifestyle, as research shows that eating habits, exercise, sleep patterns, and other common lifestyle choices have a direct effect on your health. All these factors have proven effects on different aspects of your health and wellbeing. Alterations in optimal levels of exercise and sleep or following an unhealthy diet can directly affect the functioning of different systems in your body. These factors also interact with your body chemistry and genetics to cause, maintain or worsen specific conditions.

Comprehensive Medical Testing

Next, we perform comprehensive medical testing to obtain clear evidence of what systems in your body may be failing. For these tests, we examine samples of your blood, stool, and urine to obtain chemical and biological signals about the sources of your problems.


Patients Treated, and counting...

What we treat…

Our team of healthcare providers has the expertise and resources to treat more than 30 medical conditions, from asthma, arthritis or diabetes to cancer prevention, allergies, and mental diseases. We examine your health from every angle; from the genes coded in your cells to the microbiota residing in every part of your body. We also consider your lifestyle choices; from the food, you eat to the way you sleep and exercise. Our approach is to create a unique health plan that includes personalised diet, detoxification and exercise programs, designed to work with your body’s genetics, chemistry, and microbial makeup.

Autoimmune Disorders

By combining contemporary medicine with verified holistic practices from other healing traditions, our experienced clinicians are better able to lessen pain and suffering, reduce stress, and enhance your wellbeing and vitality. Simply put, our treatment encourages long-term health and relief from autoimmune conditions. To treat your autoimmune disease we get to the root cause of your problem, rather than just focusing on the symptoms. In order to better understand your condition and offer the best treatment, we may perform the following tests and procedures: Comprehensive Blood Chemistry, Saliva Testing, Advanced Stool Analysis, Allergy Testing, advanced HPA-Axis Testing, Comprehensive Urine Analysis, Genetic Testing

Digestive Disorders

We have successfully treated a variety of digestive health disorders through functional medicine; everything from common gut health issues like IBS and intestinal permeability to rarer conditions like bacteria and parasitic infections. In order to effectively treat your condition and heal your gut, we’ll need to know what we’re up against. We provide advanced diagnostic testing for gut disorders including: Breath testing for SIBO Comprehensive stool testing for bacterial and parasitic infections including H Pylori. We also screen for deficiency’s in beneficial flora (GM), urine testing for fungal and yeast overgrowth including the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates, comprehensive blood testing and advanced blood testing for celiac, gluten sensitivity, cross-reacting foods as well as immune reactivity screening.

SIBO and Fungal Infections

In order to properly treat fungal infections, it’s important to understand why they’re happening in the first place. Our clinicians will analyse your unique circumstances through advanced questionnaires and diagnostic testing to get an understanding of what’s causing your fungal infection. Once we’ve got a clearer picture of where your issue is stemming from, we can provide advice and a treatment plan to treat your fungal infection naturally and for good.

Gut Health

Gut microbes have been identified as an important player in the maintenance of health and in the development and prevention of disease. Studies are now establishing not only correlations between gut microbial composition and health, but actual mechanisms that explain how this relationship works. You may not be aware of it, but we are in a constant battle against an army of invisible pathogens that threaten our health. At the core of this battle is our immune system, which leads the fight against invading microorganisms, toxins and any foreign particles. In recent decades, studies have discovered amazing connections between our immune system and the microorganisms lining our gut.

Parasite Treatment

For many parasites, treatment is straightforward and requires specific drugs that can effectively kill the parasite. Anti-parasitic botanicals and herbal supplements, and probiotic treatments that target gut dysbiosis can also be effective against some parasites. Beyond treatments, for many of these parasitic infections, the key is to make significant changes in your lifestyle and surroundings. Eliminating the original sources of infection, for example, is an important step to avoid recurrence. Likewise, re-visiting the quality of your food and water is an important way to protect yourself and your family from any future parasitic infections.


Think of food as medicine. We should be mindful of choosing high-quality, nutrient-dense food. But, before you head to Pinterest to search for nutrient-dense meal plans, it’s important to obtain more information about your body. Our genetics and our environment are key players in establishing the ground rules of which foods are good for you. Predisposed digestive disorders, stress, our ethnicity, etc. determine the nutrients we need in order to thrive. Sounds daunting, but at AUSCFM we are no strangers to addressing these factors holistically.

Your Functional Medicine base point

In addition to treatment protocols, we regularly publish articles and ebooks as references not only for our patients but also for use by allied by providers and the general public. “Why?” you ask? Because we want you to stay informed with the most current and leading information surrounding your health.

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