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At the Australian Centre for Functional Medicine located in Perth WA, we are leading the way in the next generation of Functional Medicine treatment.

Right now, more than 11 million Australians are living with chronic diseases like asthma, diabetes, heart conditions, arthritis, cancer, and other diseases. This staggering figure is a problem that the Australian mainstream healthcare system has not been able to solve.

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Why Use Functional Medicine in Australia?

At the heart of the mainstream healthcare problem is the complex nature of chronic diseases, which cannot be treated and cured with a single drug or treatment.

Instead, chronic diseases are like the tip of the iceberg: we only see the symptoms of the conditions but, lurking in the depths of our body, is a large repertoire of problems that cause and maintain these diseases.

The complexity of chronic diseases makes them a difficult challenge for medical approaches following standard treatment protocols. Hence, there is an urgent need to find a better way to approach these diseases.


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What is Functional Medicine?

Modern Functional Medicine in Australia, as practiced in our Perth centre, is an evidence-based discipline that has proven very effective in the treatment of many chronic conditions.

Our approach merges various medical disciplines with research findings from cutting edge biomedical studies. Our goal is to target the underlying causes of a disease to fix health problems from their root.

The Basics: How Functional Medicine in Australia Works

Our approach to Functional Medicine relies on various steps.
Discuss & Analyse Symptoms

At our Perth centre we begin by listening to your concerns and create a list of your symptoms. Based on this list, we research and identify possible conditions that may be influencing your ailments.

These could include certain nutritional, hormonal or some other type of deficiencies, genetic alterations or gut dysbiosis – where there is an imbalance in your gut microbiome.

Lifestyle Considerations & Changes

We also consider your lifestyle, as research shows that eating habits, exercise, sleep patterns, and other common lifestyle choices have a direct effect on your health. All these factors have proven effects on different aspects of your health and wellbeing.

Alterations in optimal levels of exercise and sleep or following an unhealthy diet can directly affect the functioning of different systems in your body. These factors also interact with your body chemistry and genetics to cause, maintain or worsen specific conditions.

Comprehensive Medical Testing

Next, we perform comprehensive medical testing to obtain clear evidence of what systems in your body may be failing. For these tests, we examine samples of your blood, stool, and urine to obtain chemical and biological signals about the sources of your problems.

What Testing is Involved with Functional Medicine in Australia?

Blood testing

Our blood testing can help reveal different types of anaemia, diabetes-related problems or issues with your kidneys, liver, gut or endocrine system. Blood assays will inform us about the levels of different biomolecules in your body, which we can use to design and keep track of personalised treatment for your conditions.

A more specialised blood test may also be performed, to reveal specific problems like high cholesterol, hypothyroidism, autoimmune disease, and gluten sensitivity.

Stool testing

Stool testing is performed to detect instances of parasite, fungal or bacterial infections, intestinal inflammation or dysbiosis. Dysbiosis is the imbalance that sometimes occurs in the microbial community living in your gut and which can influence many conditions.

Urine testing

Finally, analyses of your urine sample can reveal the overgrowth of specific fungal and bacterial groups, levels of different hormones and vitamins, or your current capacity to process fat and carbohydrates.

These analyses may also help us identify whether your liver is functioning optimally (detoxification capacity), or whether your cells are suffering oxidative stress.

With this information at hand, we can create a personalised health profile that is specific to your body and will guide us through the process of fixing your health problems.



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What Functional Medicine in Australia Can Do for Your Health

Once a health profile is completed, we work with you to develop a wellness plan that includes traditional medical interventions, botanical supplements with proven efficacy and changes in your lifestyle.

Traditional medical intervention can involve the use of antibiotic and anti-pathogen medicines in cases of severe or chronic conditions. Lifestyle changes may involve improvements in your sleep and exercise levels or specific dietary interventions to optimise the makeup of your gut microbiome or to deal with a micronutrient deficiency.

What Problems Can Functional Medicine Help Heal?

Through our multi-faceted approach to healing, we have helped thousands of patients overcome their ailments. For example, we have successfully treated patients with digestive disorders, bacterial and parasitic infections, cognitive decline, chronic fatigue, obesity, skin problems, and many other conditions.

These patients found a solution to their ailments with our approach, after having no success following traditional medical treatments.


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Why Choose The Australian Centre for Functional Medicine?

Our approach to Functional Medicine is strictly based on evidence, relying on standard medical procedures, but also employing the latest and more advanced diagnostic testing available.

We understand that the symptoms you are experiencing may be due to problems with more than one system in your body. Through our holistic & integrative approach to medicine, we can cure, not just control, your symptoms and fix your underlying health problems.


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