Gut health composition and gut health treatment are integral to an optimal lifestyle. Our body is an incredibly complex biological machine, matched in complexity only by the myriad of processes involved in the maintenance of health.  Keeping our body healthy involves the interplay of multiple factors, including our genetic background and immune system, our exposure to pathogens and environmental toxins, diet, and other lifestyle factors. At the heart of these intermingling factors, is the gut microbiome, which stands as a separate yet deeply interweaved organ within our body. 

Treat this as a primer to gut health. It forms the foundations of which we run our protocols from.

Things you will learn from our Concise Gut Health guide.

Gut Physiology

The gastrointestinal tract explained, from digestion through to our microbiota.

Gut Microbiota and the modern lifestyle

Identifying the specific lifestyle factors that may be negatively impacting your gut microbiota is an important first step to achieve optimal gut and overall health.

Intestinal Permeability

More commonly known as ``leaky gut``, understand leaky and inflamed junctions and why it's important that these stay ``tight``.


Inflammation is a normal and effective process our body uses to fight off infections once they enter our bloodstream. But what happens when our body has a case of mistaken identity?

Digestive Acids & Enzymes

Gastric juices and enzymes are two essential components of the digestive system, which help with the digestion and processing of foods. Alterations in the levels of acids or enzymes can have a direct effect on the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and can lead to disease.


Often our saving grace, outside of the obvious effects to our Gut, did you know that our bodies can become antibiotic resistant ?

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Gut health to brain health connection

The importance of gut health treatment

The Gastrointestinal Tract (GIT) is a complex organ system in charge of processing the food we eat into smaller components that can be utilized by our cells. However, this system does not work alone. A key component of the GIT is the gut microbiota, a massive ensemble of bacteria, fungi and viruses that lead a highly active life inside our GIT. These microorganisms oversee the production of important chemicals, such as SCFAs, which have a direct influence on the functioning of our body.

Virtually every inch of your GIT is laced with microorganisms. Thousands of species of bacteria, viruses, and fungi, live in different parts of your GIT. Most of these microbes are localized in your large intestine, and most of them are bacteria. The microbes inhabiting your digestive system (stomach and intestines) are collectively known as your gut microbiota or gut microbiome.

The composition of the gut microbiota, as well as the microbiota from other parts of the body, has proven (direct and indirect) effects on many different aspects of our physical health and our mental health. 

Healthy gut, healthy mind.

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