The Australian Centre for Functional Medicine is paving the way for Functional & Integrative Medicine and we are seeking like-minded additions to our team of clinicians, nurse practitioners, patient care coordinators, operations specialists, researchers and marketers.

We are passionate about helping those that need it the most. We believe that quality healthcare should be accessible to all Australians, and we don’t take the word “no” lightly.

Join us in redefining the health care system.

Patient Care


While we are currently not hiring, please check back regularly as we are always growing…

Nurse Practitioner

While we are currently not hiring, please see below for what we are looking for in a Nurse Practitioner…


The Australian Centre for Functional Medicine is seeking a Nurse Practitioner to provide another layer of support to our patients and clinical staff. Initially, your responsibilities will be primarily related to fielding patient inquiries in the EHR and by phone, refilling prescriptions/supplements, ordering labs, and generally being a rover to cross cover our team.


As The Australian Centre for Functional Medicine continues to grow & evolve, and you gain more experience, there will be opportunities for you to train with our head clinician and step into a more direct patient-care role. This would be in both a support role to our clinicians as well as seeing your own patients.


Initially, you will do some work remotely from your home or home office, and thus will need your own computer, printer, phone, and other equipment. However, because observation of the clinicians will be required during the training process, at this time we are only accepting applications from people within easy commuting distance of South Perth.



  • Is looking for a long-term position in a clinical setting. This should be a career move, not a stepping stone.
  • Can work remotely in a fast-paced environment with a distributed team and is able to handle complexity as well as solve problems proactively and independently.
  • Has experience working in a medical practice (functional and/or integrative medicine preferred).
  • Has some training in functional and integrative medicine.
  • Is comfortable with electronic health record software, and capable of learning new technologies quickly.
  • Is willing and able to shadow Rob, learn his approaches, and demonstrate that they can eventually take on a full-time, clinical role.
  • Is interested in caring for complex, multi-layered health problems that require careful thought, attention to detail, and willingness to think outside of the box. This will include work with chronic infection patients such as co-infections, chronic viral infections, etc.



  • Licensed in WA as an NP.
  • Familiarity with functional medicine lab testing (blood, saliva, stool, urine, breath, etc).
  • Lives in the Perth area and is able to come to our centre to observe in-person appointments and partake in phone appointments.
  • Willing to spend time during the training period on research, developing patient handouts, taking patient notes and other tasks that contribute to your education in functional medicine, while supporting us in our roles.
  • Available part-time (20-30 hours/week) during the training and evaluation phase with the ability to ramp up to full time as you begin seeing your own patients.

Patient Care Coordinator

While we are currently not hiring, please check back regularly as we are always growing…


Executive Assistant

While we are currently not hiring, please check back regularly as we are always growing…

Research and Development

Scientific Researcher

While we are currently not hiring, please check back regularly as we are always growing…


Here’s a little more info about us…

Functional Medicine investigates the multiple facets of a patient’s health profile. It identifies problems and puts together an integral, evidence-based, plan that targets symptoms as well as their underlying causes.

The goal of Functional Medicine is to identify the best set of interventions needed to improve your health. These interventions include personalised nutrition plans, supplements and botanicals, stress management, detoxification and lifestyle changes, among other approaches.


The central principle behind our Functional Medicine approach is simple: each patient is different and has a unique set of underlying problems that require a personalised treatment.

When you come to us for help, we listen and we treat your problem.

However, we go a few steps further…

We investigate the multiple facets of your health profile.

Through the use of advanced diagnostic testing, we identify the systems that are failing.

Finally we implement an integral, evidence-based, plan that targets symptoms & underlying causes.


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