Exposure to pesticides during pregnancy increases risk of brain cancer in babies

Mums exposed to certain pesticides significantly increase the risk of brain cancer in their babies. The study found that mums living up to 4,000 metres from a farm field could be exposed to dangerous pesticide levels, increasing the risk of brain cancer in their babies by up to 2.5 for some pesticides. The study, based in the USA, tracked the exposure to pesticides like bromacil, thiophanate-methyl, triforine, kresoxim-methyl, chlorothalonil, propiconazole, dimethoate, and linuron, for mums living in rural areas. The study found 667 cases of childhood central nervous system tumours, all from mums living within 4,000 sites sprayed with pesticides. The study concludes that “exposure to certain pesticides through residential proximity to agricultural applications during pregnancy may increase the risk of childhood central nervous system tumours”.


Study: Residential Proximity to Pesticide Application as a Risk Factor for Childhood Central Nervous System Tumors